September is Ovarian Cancer Month Awareness

September is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month. In September of 2000 my beautiful mother, known affectionately as Boo, was diagnosed with it.

Looking back, Mommy had many of the classic symptoms, but didn’t know it. She was extremely bloated, tired, and would get full really quickly. I mean so full she would be in a lot of pain after eating small amounts of food. She originally talked to her doctor and he told her it was because she was now forty and there was nothing to worry about. When I found out what was causing the symptoms I hated that man. Ironically he died of cancer a couple years later.

Anyway, Mommy knew something was wrong and went to another doctor. I don’t know who this doctor was, but they told her it wasn’t normal. I don’t remember specific details, but Mommy had surgery very soon after where she discovered it was ovarian cancer.

Mommy fought hard, tried every procedure and even another surgery. With a smile on her face she attended all of my senior year events, moved me into college, and a few years later did the same for my brother.

In January 2005, Mommy was called home. It’s still the worse thing that has happened in my life.

The point of this post is not just to tell you about Mommy, but to remind you to take care of yourselves. Know your body and speak up about it. Go to your check ups and admit when you’re not feeling well.

Below are a few resources about ovarian cancer awareness.




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