September: Self-Care Awareness Month

Happy September 1!

As a writer I look for inspiration everywhere. Searching the web for different things is one way I find things to write or research about. So in my latest search I discovered that September is Self-Care Awareness Month.

From National Calendar Day: “Evolve to Live founded Self-Care Awareness Month to raise awareness of the incredible benefits of individual self-care. When practiced regularly, self-care creates significant personal, social and economic benefits.” (

September being the month we celebrate self-care resonates so much with me because I’m in the field of education. This month starts a new year for many of us. Families get back into a routine because summer is coming to an end. Seems like the perfect month to renew your self-care regimen.

Self care is one of my favorite things. Like the real kind of self-care. I love the typical things that come to mind like a spa day, but it’s the small things I do during the day or week that keeps me going.

Here are a few ways I celebrate intentional self-care.

1. Journaling- writing is my happy place!

2. Reading a book

3. Weekly therapy session

4. Listening to music

5. Taking a walk

6. Painting (one of the most relaxing things in the world to me)

7. Setting boundaries everywhere and with everyone

How do you celebrate self-care?

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