Focus On Who Supports You

I had to learn and realize that everybody you thought would support you won’t, and that’s okay! 

I know it hurts. I know it’s disappointing. I know this. I get this. I’ve lived this. And I’ve come to a point where I’m okay with it. 

There could be many reasons your family and friends aren’t supporting you. Some reasons are legit, some not so legit. 
If it matters to you and you’re close, ask them! 

For example, I have friends who will repost everything I write or sell, no matter the topic or product-they support anything concerning ME. There are some people I have to ask to share things, and they will. Some people won’t share and claim to support. I don’t ask why. I continue to develop ME. 

Whatever the reason, you can’t focus on that. Keep pushing. Keep working. Remember who does support you. Focus on them. They are who matter. They are who are important. The more you focus on your support system and stay consistent, the more you win. Trust me; they’re watching. 

Best believe I’m winning with or without.

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