Four Things That Inspire Me Daily

I don’t have to tell you how up and down life is. If you’re reading this blog, you’ve lived life long enough to know and experience it for yourself. Because it’s so up and down, you have to have something that makes you get up and try your best.

Here are four things that I draw inspiration and strength from every single day. These things keep me pushing and striving for better.

My Husband and Son

My husband and son push me every day to be better. My husband is a go-getter in the career he’s excelled in for almost twenty years. He also goes hard in his entrepreneurial endeavors. He encourages me to go after my dreams and lovingly checks me if he notices I’m not doing what I said I would do. My son is the joy of my life. He has so many goals and talents. He works hard on perfecting and practicing his interests. He also works hard at school and in his extracurricular activities. They both remind me to laugh, don’t take everything so seriously, and focus on the positives in life.

My Mother’s Memory

My mother was my biggest supporter and cheerleader. There wasn’t anything big or small that I wanted to pursue that Mommy didn’t encourage. Everything from my cosmetology career, writing interest and switching my college major three times-she encouraged me. I know she is proud of everything I’ve accomplished and the things I’m working towards achieving. With my whole being, I wish she was here in the flesh to see and reap the benefits of the hard work she instilled in me. Since she’s not, I’ll continue to go hard as one of her legacies in this world.

The Wins of My Family and Friends

I love getting phone calls and texts and scrolling through social media to see my family and friends win. 

Everything from promotions, new business ventures, book deals, graduations, events- you name it, and I  love to see it all. 

Everyone’s definition of winning is different, and as long as they’re happy, I’m happy and inspired. 

The Mediocrity of Other People

There are some people that I come across that are letting life happen to them. They don’t give themselves credit for the power they possess. You might hear these types of people complaining and pointing out all of the problems but rarely taking steps to change their situations. It’s sad to see because, if you notice, these people have great ideas and insight, but when you suggest they make a change or take action, they lack confidence in themselves and make excuses about why they can’t. It hurts my heart to witness it, but it’s also a reminder not to become stagnant and stuck. 

Drop a line in the comment box below and tell me what inspires you to keep pushing.

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