Celebrating Love

On May 14, 2021, my husband and I celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary.

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Robinson

My original plan for our 10th anniversary was a party with our close friends and family. I would have begun planning in 2020 but didn’t feel comfortable doing that with the pandemic and all.

While it wasn’t what I initially envisioned, we had an amazing weekend spending time together celebrating the union of our niece and spending time with family. I took a few pictures to treasure the memories.


May 14, 2021- on the way to brunch
Brunch at Miss Shirley’s
Waiting for Valet at dinner in Long Island, NY
Dinner at Bryant and Cooper Steakhouse in
Long Island, New York

Let me start this section by saying the few pictures and videos I have do this venue and eight hour event no justice. For more information on the beautiful couple and vendors visit- The Black Cinderella’s page herself.

The beautiful wedding venue
Congratulations to The Wrays

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