21 Things to START Doing in 2021

January 2021 is off to an interesting start. Whew!

The other day I posted a list of things to stop doing in 2021.
Today, let’s focus on things we should do moreover.

1. Do the things you say you’re going to do

2. Set boundaries

3. Say what you mean and mean what you say

4. Take care of yourself

5. Learn new things

6. Express gratitude daily

7. Conquer a fear or two

8. Drink lots of water

9. Exercise

10. Read more

11. Disconnect when needed

12. Laugh a lot

13. Dream big

14. Work towards your dream

15. Ask for help

16. Speak highly of yourself

17. Be optimistic

18. Cut things out of your life that don’t serve you in a positive way

19. Be consistent

20. Trust your instincts

21. Forgive yourself

What are some things you want to do more of in 2021?

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