You’ve Made It This Far For A Reason

You’ve made it this far.

You’ve made it through or are making it through some of the most challenging times in your life.

There were some things you thought would absolutely break you, but look at you-you’re here.

You did it. You’re doing it.

While I’m speaking to you, I am also speaking to me.

If you had told me fifteen years ago, I would have survived my mother’s death and went on to do some of the things I’ve done; I would have thought you were crazy.

But look at me- I’m succeeding. I’m thriving, growing, learning, and improving daily.

Has it been tough? PLEASE BELIEVE IT.

There have been times I’ve wanted to give up. There have been times when I thought I gave up, but I kept pushing. I continue to push.

And you have to keep pushing.

Keep pushing towards becoming a better you and doing the things that make you happy.

Some things aren’t possible right now because of the times we’re in, and I acknowledge that. But you can start planning and working towards whatever it is you want to do-personally, financially, professionally-and anything in between.

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