What inspires you?

What inspires you?

The first post is dedicated to my mother, the late, beautiful Earlma Patricia Granger, better known as Boo.

When I saw this question, I was filled with a bunch of thoughts and emotions. There have been so many people, things, and experiences that have inspired me. Instead of making this post too long, I’ll break this down. Each Monday in May, I’ll write about what inspires me.

I could be biased, but probably not, my mother was one of the kindest, most sincerest people-especially when it came to her children (my brother and I.)

She believed in every far fetched or minuscule idea I had for my life. She made me believe I could do or be anything I wanted to in this world. An idea that I carry with me until this day.

Throughout elementary school, I wanted to be the president of the United States. Every time I mentioned it, she encouraged me. When I told her I wanted to be a writer, she bought me a blue and white typewriter and read every store I created.

When I wanted to be a hairstylist, although she didn’t agree, she respected my choice for high school, paid for my kit and supplies, and became my human hair, hand, face, and foot model-her favorites were the pedicures. She got me clients at her job and let me experiment with my own hair without judgment.

When it was time to go to college, I couldn’t decide on a major. I was frustrated and didn’t know what interested me. She talked me through some things I might like or what would be a lucrative career. I ultimately changed my major three times, but she believed in me. She was still alive when I decided to become a marketing major. I told her after graduating that I would pursue my master’s degree. She cried tears of joy with the news. My mother didn’t attend college, but she was so proud of my brother and me and all of our academic accomplishments. Even though she didn’t get to see me get both degrees, her words, love, and spirit were with me both times I graduated.

Johns Hopkins University: Master of Arts in Teaching (Elementary Education)
Morgan State University: Bachelor of Science in Marketing (shout out thee Earl G. Graves School of Business)

As a child and young lady, I didn’t realize how big these things were. Since Mommy was always so supportive and encouraging, I thought that’s how moms were. It wasn’t until I was older and either heard stories about people and their moms or witnessed how some moms interact with and discourage their children that I realized just how blessed I am to have a mother who believed in me and all of my dreams.

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