How To Choose An Accountability Partner

On my May 2, 2020, post, I wrote about the importance of having accountability partners. As you can tell by the title, today’s post is about how to choose them. 

Choosing the best partner is crucial in achieving your goals. You want to make sure the person or people you choose are the right fit for you and the things you’re trying to do. 

Let’s get into it.

  1. To me, the most important aspect is choosing someone you trust, someone you know will support you and not sabotage what you’re trying to achieve. I’m big on manifestation. For someone to hold you accountable, they have to know what your goals are. If you can’t trust them to be happy for you and not speak negatively about your choices-they are not the partner for you. 
  2. Seek people who can help you based on their experience or expertise. 
  3. Make sure your partner has time for you. Choose times and checkpoints that work for you both. 
  4. Choose someone who will be honest with you. This goes back to #1 on my list. 
  5. It’s 2020-be creative. You’re not limited to people you know and have met in person. Reach out to people via social media. (But don’t be weird. Build a genuine connection first.) I’ve “met” some of the most supportive readers and encouragers on social media. Shout out to the black women blogging community.
  6. Until you can find the above go to social media platforms and look for motivational speakers or people in your field. They more than likely have videos, blogs, and articles available. Use their words and voice to push and encourage you until you have someone you can talk to directly. Eric Thomas and Lisa Nichols are two of my personal favorites and my coaches in my head. 

Make sure you’re ready to be held accountable for the things you want out of life. Don’t waste your time or the time of others if you’re not ready. Create your list of goals, set some deadlines, choose a or a few accountability partners, and let’s go! 

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