Meet Kira Ming

Kira Ming is a writer, author, editor, business content creator, and magazine owner. If you are a writer or an inspiring writer, she is somebody you want to get to know.

I had the pleasure of meeting Kira a few years ago at a PR Brunch I attended. From the day I met her, she has been inspiring, encouraging, and willing to help me, a fellow writer, in any way that she can.

I recently asked her to share some of that inspiration, encouragement, and knowledge with my readers.

I know and love and have been following your work was a writer, author, and business person for a few years now, but in your own words, tell us about Kira Ming, the person. (Kira wanted me to let you know that for the first time in an interview she was stumped by this question lol)

Kira Ming, the person, is a giver and creative, who never felt very creative. I write because I’m logical and technical. When not writing, I’m an expressionist.
I am a trained dancer in 5 different types of dance.
My goal is to get back in the studio. I love to cook and am inspired by artistic expression. Culture, traveling, meeting people, and learning from all parts of the world also inspire me.

When did you first consider yourself a writer?

I’ve always been an avid read and writer. While in my mother’s womb, my sister would read to me via my mom’s stomach. She continued to read to me after I was born. I knew about books before walking, so I’ve always been literary.

The label of being an actual writer came about in college. I was an English major and columnist for the school’s newspaper. During my senior year, I was offered two internships in New York, but I couldn’t take them. The internships were big names, but unpaid and I would have to move from Maryland to New York without the funds to do so. After that, I got discouraged; I didn’t know what to do at first.
I sat, trying to figure out what to do career-wise. I thought If I can’t work for a publication, why not create my own. I found what I considered my perfect path. I thought to myself- I’m not taking no; who’s going to stop me-nobody. So, I did it. I created the magazine, Graffiti On The Wall.
In the beginning, I was responsible for everything from creation, editing, interviewing, and getting out monthly issues.

As the magazine grew, I began working more on marketing and branding. I originally just wanted to write, but this became bigger than me, and I hired staff so I could focus on growing the brand.

Let’s talk about your book, Small Business, Big Success. What was your inspiration for writing it?

Small Business, Big Success is a culmination of the journey. I spent almost a decade running the magazine and being a contributing writer, then shifting to branding.
Out of nowhere, so many people had a business, and it was a great thing.
After questions from so many people on branding, marketing, and running a business, I decided to put my knowledge and everything I’d learn in the form of a book.

I wanted the book to be different because I know some of the books I’ve read have been long and in-depth, and a lot of people are intimidated but that. I put the information small business owners need into layman’s terms- easy to read, easy to digest, take in, and apply it.

I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing your Writer’s Boot Camp-how did that come about? (Note- I will be writing a separate blog post next week on this fantastic experience.)

My Writer’s boot camp was birthed from the misconception that writing is a hobby or something secondary.
For some reason, people believe you can’t be great and make money writing. I’m against the notion of a broke writer. As I got connected to different types of writers from all different genres, the common notion was they couldn’t use writing to elevate their lives, and that bothered me.
Other professions use their talent to be successful –why would a writer feel that wasn’t a gift to do the same thing.
I never saw anything geared to writing as a business. I see writing classes to write a piece of work, but nothing for business or marketing that works.
I wanted to take everything, every facet from protecting content, monetizing, branding yourself, going from writer to speaker to coach-everything.

Boot camp is a seven-day long process and participants have access to a private online group, downloads to take with you, and a one on one with me. My goal goes beyond inspiring- when I speak and teach I tell you how to take action if you’re inspired by what I’ve done that’s great.

(Note From Chanee’- Kira’s boot camp was everything she described and more.)

What’s next for Kira Ming?

I’ve spent the last five months on tour-hosting workshops, speaking on panels for the Write for Success initiative, and it’s been crazy.
The Write For Success initiative is a culmination and spin-off of the boot camp. It’s fueled by wanting all writers to win and elevate their lives.
Now that’s coming to an end. I’m going to regroup from such a life-changing experience and take a break and step back and internalize the impact I’ve had before diving back into it.
In the next few months, I’m going to continue growing my tribe, and I’ll focus on instructing, running the boot camp, and still writing.
In 2020 I want to teach people what I’ve done- that fulfills me the most.

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