Loving Yourself Is Sanity; Not Vanity

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If you’ve followed me for a while, you’ll notice I’m obsessed with progress pictures. I’m a visual person in general, so comparing where I came from to where I am, inspires me to keep pushing!

I get lots of questions about what I’m doing to lose weight, and honestly, it’s nothing special or unheard of.

It’s best to talk to your doctor about works best for you.

While I don’t mind sharing the basics of what I consume and my physical activity, they aren’t the reason for my transformation.

A year and a half ago, I decided enough was enough. I won’t share my heaviest weight, but please know I was extremely obese, had heartburn out of this world, and my knees and back were always in pain.

More than the physical pain, I was going through depression and suffered from PTSD symptoms as a result of losing my mother.

I didn’t know this while it was going on. It took reflection and time in therapy to understand my mental state.

That’s why when I’m asked what I did or am doing, the first thing I tell anyone is I started by going to therapy to work on my mental health first. My weight had fluctuated my entire adult life, and I couldn’t understand it until I sought therapy.

The following will NOT be a guide on what to eat and how to exercise to shed the pounds. I am neither a doctor nor nutritionist and am not qualified to train you or suggest the number of calories YOU should take in or what type of exercises you should do.

This is not a magical list that you will all of sudden read, implement, and be at your goal weight by summer. Instead, this is a list of the obstacles I’ve faced and the things I had to overcome to live a healthier and happier life.

Identify YOUR Problem
I was able to reflect and identify my own problem, but I needed help to work on how to heal. Losing my mother changed me forever, and when I finally went to therapy to talk through my feelings, I was able to learn healthier ways to cope. I still have times of sadness, but I know that’s okay.

Accept YOU for YOU
To lose weight, I had to learn to love me again, right where I was. I stopped putting myself down in my head and accepted where I was in the moment. My attitude of gratitude kick-started my road to a healthier life.

Create a plan
I worked with my doctor to come up with a plan for the type of food I needed to eat and exercises I needed to do to lose weight. This will be different for everyone. I will tell you I cut way down on bread, pasta, and soda. My doctor has suggested I see a nutritionist. I might do that later this year. As of now, I meal prep at home with the help of my husband. He’s on this journey with me and has also lost a significant amount of weight. I’ll feature him when he’s ready to share with the world.

Reward Yourself
This journey will NOT be easy. As my doctor told me, if it were easy, everyone would be in shape. Reward yourself along the way. Now, my rewards are personal, so I won’t get too specific, but your reward may be short or long term. It could be a quarterly celebration with friends, a monthly spa day to celebrate reaching your goals, or a glass of wine at the end of the week. There will be setbacks but celebrate each and every win so you’ll forgive yourself for the more challenging days.

Remember, this is YOUR life to live. Your only competition is in the mirror. Do not compare what you’re doing with others. Be your own kind of amazing. If I can be of any assistance feel free to contact me. I’m still on my journey, but I won’t be giving up, and neither should YOU.

Down 50lbs and still going

2 thoughts on “Loving Yourself Is Sanity; Not Vanity

  • Teri

    Thanks for sharing your journey. You inspired me. I saw you last year and I was impressed by your weight loss. I had to get on the weight loss train too. I also suffered from back and leg problems because of my weight. Therapy helped me identify the triggers that made me want to eat. It’s not easy but the rewards are worth it. Keep pushing….

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