15 Lessons I Learned From Mommy

This week will make fifteen years since my mother has been gone from this earth. It feels like yesterday, and I’m shocked and amazed that I’ve made it this long without her.

I had an incredible twenty years and nine months with her here, and I learned so many things that have gotten me through even today. Some things she taught me directly and some things I learned from watching how genuine and loving she was as a person.

So, I’ll share fifteen things I learned from mommy.

  1. Invest in your children.
  2. Always look at the bright side.
  3. Real friends don’t have to speak often for you to know they’re always there for you.
  4. Love yourself enough to walk away.
  5. Put your children first.
  6. Family is the most important thing you have.
  7. Don’t hold onto bitterness.
  8. Forgiveness is for you.
  9. Help others when you can.
  10. Make time for yourself.
  11. A new hair-do and outfit can change your attitude
  12. Don’t stoop to the level of others.
  13. Always be kind.
  14. Look for the good in all situations.
  15. Trust God.

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