Celebrating the release of No, I Don’t Have To

The past few days have been filled with such a mixed bag of emotions.

I’ve wanted to be a published author since at least eight years old. And over the years I’ve written so many pieces that the world hasn’t seen (YET.)

A few years ago, I published my first blog, and from there started sharing bits and pieces here and there. The people that did read what I posted, sporadically, loved my writing! I was happy and shocked. I mean, I love writing, but it’s so personal to me. Whether I’m writing about my life, giving advice, or creating stories like the ones in No, I Don’t Have To-my writing exposes me in ways I wasn’t entirely secure in sharing-until now. Even now, I don’t feel ready, but really what is ready in the first place?

I almost talked myself out of this more times than I could count.

I decided to publish now because I promised myself back in 2018 that my 2019 would be different. I was tired of living the same year over and over again. By the time the end of the summer I came, I realized the book I wanted to write wouldn’t be ready and fully marketed by the end of the year. I had been playing around with the idea of No, I Don’t Have To and figured I could finish this one and still self-publish before 2020. My goal was to end the year as an official author.

And here we are!

Cover and link to my new eBook available through Amazon Kindle.

A small celebration was planned for the day of the release. I was specific with my team (my husband and two good girlfriends) that this wasn’t a traditional launch party, but a small celebration with some of the closest people to me.

The intimate celebration was held at Colins Seafood, a black-owned restaurant in the Randallstown area. Colins Seafood is one of my favorite restaurants, and they did not disappoint. The food, drinks, and service were AMAZING. This professional establishment definitely added to the love and energy that I felt from family and friends as we celebrated.

I am overwhelmed by the number of people willing to celebrate with me during the holiday season, sharing my post, and sending me their proof of purchase.

This post is all over the place because I am still so consumed with emotions.

If you take anything away from me today, please let it be this-

  1. Manifestation works.
  2. The Secret is real.
  3. Ask. Believe. Receive.
  4. Be consistent.
  5. Practice Discipline.
  6. Believe in and bet on YOU.

CLICK HERE TO ORDER AND DOWNLOAD YOUR COPY OF NO, DON’T HAVE TO. Please leave a review on Amazon after reading.

Enjoy a few pictures from my book release celebration. Thanks for reading and supporting.

Me with the displays
Was not expecting gifts, but look how thoughtful my people are
My supportive husband; My Danny
My beautiful Family
My brother cuts a rug; you hear me!
My best friends! I don’t play about these ladies and they don’t play about me!
More of my lovely family
Family and Friends
More family and friends
My family really is the best!
My friends love me and support everything I do!
My high school friends surprised me! Love them!
My BCPSS Family
Beautiful friends and supporters
Makeup by: Candice Cooley
Hair by: Jamila Rashada
Nails by: Tia
Danny surprised me with these beautiful signs
The beautiful promo table


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