New Release Date for No, I Don’t Have To

*New Release Date: December 28, 2019*

New release date for No, I Don’t Have To: December 28, 2019.
New pre-orders are available here.

Hello! Welcome back to my December posts. The last time I updated the blog, I was in the middle of participating in Blogmas.

While Blogmas was a blast, it was time-consuming, and I had to focus my efforts on continuing the self-publishing process.

And a process it has been!

I have learned so much throughout this journey, and one day I will share all of those lessons.

My first ebook was initially set to be released tomorrow! I chose this date because I’m into numerology, and 12/19/19 felt right. Plus, it’s a Thursday, my favorite day of the week.

There was a miscommunication with Amazon, and I’m pushing back the release date by a little over a week.

The new release date is December 28, 2019.

Because the release date was pushed back, I had to cancel all pre-orders made prior to December 15th.

When this mix up occurred, I was upset and disappointed, but instead of wallowing in anger and giving up, I called Amazon, and we walked through the misunderstanding on both ends. I’ve read horror stories about people submitting ebooks through Amazon and them not being able to agree on fixing individual situations.

That has not been my experience. The representative I spoke with was helpful and knowledgeable. He told me how to avoid similar mistakes in the future, fixed my account, and wished me success.

That’s a lesson in itself-don’t listen to what other people say, experience things and people for yourself. I’m sure it also helped that I didn’t call Amazon fussing and cursing and was able to calmly and professionally explain my interpretation of their policy and get clarification.

So, the new release date is December 28, 2019.

Click here for new pre-orders!

Thanks for all of your support throughout my journey. You are appreciated.