Holiday Pet Peeves

Welcome to Day 9 of Blogmas.

Today I’m going to share a few of my holiday pet peeves.

Pet Peeve #1: People who complain about long lines in the stores. We all know that this is the biggest time of year in retail. The National Retail Federation predicts spending to increase to over $730 billion dollars this holiday shopping season. It’s going to be crowded, the later you wait to shop, the more people you’ll probably have to deal with. Calm your nerves and be patient or order online.

Pet Peeve #2: People who don’t respect other choices for how they celebrate.
It’s 2019. People have the choice to believe in and do whatever they choose to do. As long as they’re not hurting you, let it go. If someone is celebrating Christmas, but they don’t attend church-let them be. If someone chooses not to put up a Christmas tree and they don’t want their child believing in Santa Clause-that’s their business. If someone decides to decorate their house from top to bottom and go to church, that’s fine, too. As long as people aren’t hurting you, themselves, or others, let them be.

Pet Peeve #3: Adults with Christmas list.
Something about this has never rubbed me the right way. I can understand making a list for your significant other if you’re the gift-giving type of couple, but grown folks who make a list and distribute them to others irritate my soul.

Pet Peeve #4: People who buy gifts for recognition.
If it’s not from the heart, don’t do it. If you need praise for buying someone a gift, then you shouldn’t buy gifts. It’s that simple. If you’re going to compare what someone got you versus what you got them, then do everybody a favor and bow out of gift-giving. You’ve missed the whole point anyway.

Moral of the story: Do what works best for you and your family. Respect the traditions or lack thereof of others and enjoy.

What are some of your holiday pet peeves? Share them in the comments below.

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