No, I Don’t Have To-Available 12/19/19

In two weeks from today, my first ebook will be available to the public! Words can’t even describe the feeling I have about finally publishing my work. Below are a few frequently asked questions I’ve gotten since announcing the release of No, I Don’t Have To.

Where can I get your ebook?

Pre-orders are available here! 

Or when you’re on Amazon search my name, Chanee’ Robinson or the book title, No, I Don’t Have To. 

When will I receive my pre-order book?

December 19, 2019.

Is the book available in paperback?

Plans for a paperback release are in the works for 2020.

Are the characters based on real people?

No, not this book. I got inspiration from different areas and created stories based on everyday situations I hear and see women face every day. All accounts are relatable, so you will see some of you or someone you know in some of the characters because we’ve all been through something in life. 

What inspired you to write this book?

It is so draining hearing and witnessing women put up with certain things in life that I know they don’t deserve. So many times you ask people why they’re putting up with something or doing something they really they don’t want to do, they will blurt out, but I have to. My response is always- no, you don’t! You have a voice and a choice, choose yourself. 

Can you tell me about the book? 

No, I Don’t Have To is a collection of stories written in the first person. Each story has a woman as the main character, who is telling the reader a little about her life. You’ll learn a little background about the main character of each story, and this history will give the reader insight into why the character feels, thinks, and acts the way she does. By the end of each story, the main character will explain their breaking point and the followup to what happened when she stood up for herself and proudly exclaimed-No, I Don’t Have To. Some stories will end in happily ever after, some not so much, just like in real life. 

What’s next for the book and the author?

The ebook will be available on Thursday, December 19, 2019. At the end of the month, I’ll celebrate this accomplishment with family, friends, and supporters. 

Merchandise will also be available SOON! 

Look out for me at events and engagements in 2020. 

Contact me directly via the contact form or at for interviews or speaking engagements. 

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