My Favorite Jay-Z Songs

Listing some of my favorite Jay-Z songs in honor of his 50th birthday.

Welcome to Blogmas Day 4!

It’s December 4th and today my favorite rapper for the last twenty plus years turns fifty years old.

I’ve been a Jay-Z fan since 1996 when I heard his single with Foxy Brown from his first studio album, Reasonable Doubt. Since then I’ve owned, listened to, and sometimes related to many Jigga songs, albums, and interviews.

I could be here for the rest of Blogmas listing my favorite Jay-Z songs, but I’ll keep it short with a list of twenty. It was hard to narrow down, but here they are.

1. Regrets (Album: Reasonable Doubt)

2. Song Cry (Album: The Blueprint)

3. Soon You’ll Understand (Album: The Dynasty)

4. Streets is Talking (Album: The Dynasty)

5. This Can’t Be Life (Album: The Dynasty)

6. Where Have You Been (Album: The Dynasty)

7. Imaginary Players (Album: In My Lifetime Vol. 1)

8. If I Should Die (Album: Vol. 2 Hard Knock Life)

9. A Week Ago (Album: Vol. 2 Hard Knock Life)

10. Can I Live (Album: Reasonable Doubt)

11. Coming of Age (part 1 and 2 from Reasonable Doubt and Vol. 2 Hard Knock Life)

12. Heart of the City (Album: The Blueprint)

13. Never Change (Album: The Blueprint)

14. Bam (Album: 4:44)

15. A Dream (Album: The Blueprint 2)

16. What More Can I Say (Album: The Black Album)

17. Meet The Parents (Album: The Blueprint 2)

18. Say Hello (Album: American Gangster

19. Blueprint 2 (Album: The Blueprint 2)

20. Kill Jay-Z (Album: 4:44)

Listing just twenty was hard. There’s still so many more, but you get the picture. If you like any of his music drop some of your favorite songs, verses, or lines in the comments.

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