Why I Wrote-No, I Don’t Have To

Cover of No, I Don’t Have To
Release Date: December 19, 2019

With the release of my first ebook, I wanted to share a little bit about my inspiration for writing it and what I hope for my readers to get out of it.

No, I Don’t Have To is a collection of stories about women finding and using their voices to take back their lives. These women are in everyday situations trying to do the best they can with the experiences they have had.

Each story is written in the first person as each woman highlighted in each story tells readers about her experience in life, love, relationships, and becoming a better person.

The reason I wrote this book is that I hear and see time and time again women running themselves ragged trying to help others, prove something to others, or afraid of what people might think of them if they say no.

I hear things like I have to do this, and I have to do that. And I’m thinking to myself NO! You don’t have to do anything. You choose to do the things you do. What’s worse is choosing to do those things and then playing victim about it later.

On a personal note, I’ve always been someone who isn’t afraid to tell people no. If something isn’t in my best interest, I don’t have time, or I’m just not in the mood-I say no.

I don’t feel guilty or care what people have to say about it. I’m okay with my decisions because I move with good intent. I do my best to help and support people, and when I say no, I have a good reason. That doesn’t mean I don’t compromise, because I do. I do often actually. But I don’t wear myself thin or get taken advantage of. I have in the past, and when I feel that coming on, I know how to reevaluate and back away.

I hope my readers find these stories not only entertaining but empowering. And if you are someone who is prone to always saying yes, even to your detriment, I pray you that you find the power and strength within you to say-No, I don’t have to.

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