No, I Don’t Have To-Story Sneak Peeks

As I shared before my first ebook release, No, I Don’t Have To, will be available on December 19, 2019!

Today I’m going to give you a very brief sneak peek of a few of the stories that will be included.

Tanya has a pacified and toxic family member. Everybody condones and enables the behavior and expects Tanya to do the same. When she doesn’t she receives backlash for not going along to get along.

Melinda has been married to Joshua for twelve years. Things weren’t perfect, but they had a good life-so Melinda thought. That was until she found emails between him a woman from his job. A woman who she met and considered a friend of the family.

On the surface, Shannon’s boyfriend is her dream come true. Except he continuously cheats on her with promises to do better. Her boyfriend, Tyler, finally receives the wake up call he needs and begins treating Shannon the way she deserves to be treated, but will it be too little too late?

Macy’s friend Toya is an imaginary race with her “friend.” Anything Macy does Toya competes with and tries to out do. Macy grows tired of the imaginary race and being reminded of her failures and mistakes by her “friend.”

These are just a few scenarios and stories you’ll find in my book! I’m so excited for you to read! Drop a comment and share your opinions or how you can relate!

Thanks so much for your support! Preorder details will be available soon.

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