Blogtober Reflections

Well, I did it! It’s day thirty-one and I have posted a new blog everyday for the month of October!

I’ve never posted thirty-one blogs in a year, so to stay on track and consistent for an entire month is something I’m very proud of!

On day one I told you all about my goals for the month of October and I’m happy to announce I’ve accomplished each goal I created for myself. *takes bow*

First, let me tell you how proud I am of myself. There were many days this month I wanted to quit. Life got in the way, things didn’t fall into place like I wanted them to, I didn’t always meet deadlineS I set for myself, and I was TIRED.

But, I kept pushing. I kept working. I called on God and I remembered my why.

There were some days I didn’t get to do my sit-ups and squats. There were some days I didn’t open my bible until midnight or not at all. When that would happen I would double up the next day and get caught up.

Sometimes I didn’t get support from the people I expected support from, but I would receive messages of encouragement from the people that mattered the most-new and old supporters You never know what someone is going through and honestly you can’t focus on that, I’ve even written this very topic before in a post titled-So What They Don’t Support You.

I continued to push on.

The goal I was most anxious about was telling everyone about my debut ebook-No, I Don’t Have To. I’m so sensitive about my creations and that sensitivity and fear is why I didn’t post regularly or release any of the million book ideas I have. But I’m pushing past the fear.

Participating in Blogtober has been so much fun. I learned so much about myself and connected with old and new friends.

I appreciate everyone’s genuine support and words of encouragement. To receive messages saying I motivated someone else made it all worth it.

I’m going to take the weekend away from posting on the blog, but I promise I’ll be back each week with at least two new posts and more information about the release of No, I Don’t Have To, new merchandise, and my very first event.

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