My First Book Release!!!

Available December 19, 2019

Day 29 of Blogtober! The month is almost over, and it’s time for me to reveal some information about my very first published ebook- No, I Don’t Have To.

Release date- December 19, 2019! Pre-order details will be available in the coming weeks. 

So, let me tell you about the book. 

No, I Don’t Have To is a collection of stories about women taking back their power by stating proudly, boldly, and unapologetically-No, I Don’t Have To.

Women are practically bred to be dormant, silent, and put up with the many things life throws their way. Everything from maintaining the home at all cost, rearing children, dealing with toxic relationships (familial, romantic, or platonic), staying in shape never letting anyone down. Women and young women have been taught to be overall superwomen, serve others, and do it with a smile on their face. 

Women can’t be too emotional and can’t complain. They’re expected to comply, no matter the cost-with the woman bearing most of the cost in the first place.

Some women have complied for so long that it’s driven them crazy, resulting in anxiety, obesity, bitterness, or the constant victim mentality. 

No, I Don’t Have To tells all too familiar stories of women and the things they have for so long chosen to deal with that they feel they don’t have a choice.

It’s time to break the cycle and to teach women and the young ladies coming behind us that you can stand up for yourself, you don’t have to pretend to be these perfect beings.

No, I Don’t Have To be unhappy.

No, I Don’t Have To dumb myself down to make others feel comfortable.

No, I Don’t Have To settle for less than I deserve.

No, I Don’t Have To fit into your stereotype.

No, I Don’t Have To struggle and sacrifice myself to keep a relationship.

No, I Don’t Have To stay in contact with toxic family members.

No, I Don’t Have To endure the shade from enemies masquerading as friends. 

No, I Don’t Have To feel guilty for taking time for myself.

What I can do is what brings me joy, know my worth, show others how to treat me, and demand respect in all areas of my life by demonstrating self-respect and self-love. 

Available December 19, 2019

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