Positive Affirmations

Happy Monday and the 21st day of Blogtober!

How I Make Affirmations Work For Me

Today I’m going to keep it simple a list a few affirmations to speak over your life. 

  1. I am enough.
  2. I am loved.
  3. I am strong.
  4. My challenges help me grow.
  5. I will walk through my fears.
  6. I am beautiful.
  7. Today is going to be an awesome day.
  8. I accept who I am.
  9. I have everything I need.
  10. If I fall, I will get back up again.
  11. I deserve peace.
  12. I deserve happiness.
  13. I can be anything I want to be.
  14. I can do anything I want to do.
  15. I give myself permission to choose.
  16. I believe in my goals and dreams.
  17. I am in charge of my life.
  18. I can control my own happiness.
  19. I am resilient.
  20. Success and happiness come easily to me.

Check out this article by Dr. Ronald Alexander on making affirmations work for you.

What are some affirmations you use to empower and encourage yourself?

Thanks for joining me for day 21 of Blogtober!

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