10 Facts About Me

Blogtober Day 19 is extremely late. 

Blame it on the fact that everybody and their kid’s birthday is in October, and I’ve been on the go all month. I finally got some much-needed rest last night, and I’ve been on the go all day.  

But here we are. I’m sharing ten facts that some of my new readers and supporters don’t know about me. It’s Saturday night, so I’m keeping it light. 

  1. My favorite color is orange. I love all bright colors, but orange is the one!
  2. I cried like a baby at my high school graduation. High school was a great time for me. When I walked into that auditorium it finally hit me that I would be leaving forever. So many memories. High school will get a post of it’s own one day.
  3. Jay-Z is my favorite rapper. I’m not going to debate with you. This was established in 1996. Favorite Jay song: Regrets from the Reasonable Doubt album.
  4. I’m an Aries, and if you believe in astrology, I encompass everything an Aries represents.
  5. My favorite movie is Love Jones. Like many women I love this movie and can recite most of the lines. But my absolute favorite scene is when Nina and Marvin were in the apartment and he is cursing about his toasted oats. I’m cracking up just typing this!
  6. My favorite fiction book is Men Cry in the Dark by Michael Baisden. The ending is what sealed the deal for me. The book has been out for almost twenty years. I won’t ruin it for you, but man.
  7. My favorite non-fiction book is Higher is Waiting by Tyler Perry. Tyler Perry’s account of his life, along with inspiration and motivation to apply to my life! Such a powerful book. I would reread it, and I don’t read books twice.
  8. I was a hairstylist and dabbled in nail art many years ago. I even had a steady flow of regular clients. Once I became a teacher and went back to grad school, something I had to go. Although I don’t desire to do hair and nails anymore, I would still like to own a salon.
  9. I consider myself shy; most people around me don’t believe it. (IDK why…) LOL!
  10. I am AFRAID of dogs. I have plenty of embarrassing stories around this, but I’ll save that for another time. Just know if you invite me to your home, and you have a dog- I might not come over.

Thanks for joining Blogtober Day 19, the late edition. 

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