Blogtober-The HalfWay Mark-Setting Goals & Reaching Them

Blogtober Day 15!
Today I’m celebrating being halfway through my goals for the month of October. Round of applause. Thank you. Thank you.

If you remember, I shred many of my October goals with you on Day One of Blogtober.

You’ve witnessed me sticking to my goals to post a blog every day throughout the month, but if you’re wondering how I’ve been doing with the other goals I set, let me tell you-AMAZING!

The four goals I told you about were:
1. Participate in and complete Blogtober.
2. Reveal the release date and cover for my new book.
3. Complete the 31 Day Believe Bible plan.
3. Complete Exercise Challenges-squats and sit-ups.

Blobtober- ✔️

Blogtober Calendar & Check Off List

Book Cover and release date-✔️. To be honest, that has been done for a few months now. The problem is I’m an artist, and I’m sensitive about my ish, so I’ve held off on releasing any books or poems I’ve written. But, scared won’t get you anywhere, and I will be sharing all of this information with you before the month is over. It’s already set on the calendar.

Complete 31 Day Believe Bible Plan-✔️. I’ve been reflecting on writing about this plan every Sunday. Go check out the October 6th and October 13th post if you’re interested.

Bible Plan

Complete Exercise Challenges-squats and sit-ups- ✔️. At first, I didn’t know if my knees were going to survive beyond day 4, but I’m actually getting better and am seeing results, so I’ll be sure to stick with it this time.

Squats and Sit-Ups Challenge

So, how have I been able to stay on track with my goals?

First, accountability and encouragement. By posting my goals out in the world and to the public, I feel more compelled to stick with them, especially blogging daily. My family and friends repost my links to their social media pages, and new supporters have sent me messages showing their support and those small acts are just what I need to stay focused. Thanks y’all!

I’ve also held myself accountable by writing out my goals. I’m a very visual person. I need to write things out and literally check them off a list to feel accomplished. It’s always been a thing with me. I love calendars, to-do lists, highlighters; you get it.

I’ve also created a routine and try my best to stick to it. Even on days I can’t, I make it my business to do what I said I would do before I go to bed. I’ve committed myself to these goals, and when excuses creep into my mind because they do, I push it to the side and keep moving forward.

In short, the number one reason our goals are reached is that we decide to reach them. Life is all about decisions and choices. You have to choose if you’re going to reach your goals or have another day/week/month/year of excuses.

How are you doing with your goals this month? If you’re off track it’s not too late to start over. Every minute we get is a new chance to start again.

Thanks for joining me for day 15!

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