Sunday Reflections: Believe

Blogtober-Day 13

Each Sunday in the month has been reserved for my reflections on the 31 Day Bible Plan I mentioned in my October Goals post-Believe. 

I have continued to stay on track by reading the devotional and accompanying scriptures daily. 

Each devotional begins with a question about faith and believing, and the author goes on to answer each question by using scripture and life examples. 

Three key ideas stood out for me this week: 

I believe God calls Christians to show compassion to people in need.

I pray to God to know Him, to find direction for my life, and to lay my requests before Him.

I study the bible to know God and His truth and to find direction for my daily life. 

These key ideas remind me that in this world, we are called to help one another. Whether you identify as Christian or not, helping someone is a practice that should be done daily. It makes you feel good, makes the other person feel good, and when you put out good, it just comes back to you. I strive to make my time here on earth meaningful and helping others is one way I’ve learned to do just that. 

These ideas also sum up why I pray and study the bible. This is my personal belief, but I have friends, family, and supporters of all different backgrounds and beliefs, and I respect that. 

I study and seek God because of my personal experience and relationship with Him. My experience is personal, and one I will share if the spirit compels me too. 

Happy Sunday and thanks for joining me for day 13 of Blogtober. 

Hebrews 4:12

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