Why I Only Applied To Morgan State University

It’s day 12 of Blogtober and it’s homecoming day at thee Morgan State University.

Let me share the story of how and why I applied to Morgan State.

Growing up, I didn’t overthink about college unless I was watching one of my favorite shows to date, A Different World.

Let me tell you there is power in watching positive images of people that look like you in television and media. (Another post for another day.)

All I knew is I was going to college like Whitley, Freddie, Dwayne, and ‘em.

Then Lena (Jada Pickett), a street smart tough girl from Baltimore, joined the cast in its fifth season and if I wasn’t sold before I was then.

During that time, a couple of my older cousins were also going to college, and I just naturally thought I would follow suit.

During my senior year of high school, it was time to make a decision, and I proudly announced I would be applying to NYU (don’t ask why I still don’t know).

My mama shut that down and told me I would not be going that far from home, crushing my little made-up dream.

Then a recruiter from Frostburg University came to talk to my class. He did his job that day. I was sold! I came home and told my mother I would be attending Frostburg. She didn’t completely shut the idea down, but she was not impressed. She said okay, but what about Morgan? She reminded me that my cousin graduated from there, and they had some excellent programs. I was like, ‘but everybody goes there.’

Don’t ask who everybody was, I was 17 and knew it all.

I told her I’d consider it. So at a college fair, I applied to Morgan State (the only college I had applied to because the other ones were just me talking to Mommy about my grand plans for college life). The recruitment team at this fair were so fun, knowledgeable, and down to earth. They wore Morgan gear and sold me college life at the university.

A couple of months later, I received a phone call from the admissions office at Morgan telling me I had been accepted and that an official letter would be sent out soon.

Something about that phone call and being accepted clicked: I was the proudest future Morganite you could find. I called everybody I knew-Friends, family, my boss (salon owner)- everybody.

At school the next day, I told all of my current teachers and went directly to the classroom of my ninth and eleventh grade English teacher, Mr. Walker. Mr. Walker was one of two teachers who knew about my plans for college and had written me recommendation letters for anything I was interested in pursuing. Mr. Walker also deserves a post of his own, so you’ll read more about him later.

To make an already long story short- God and my mother knew what was best for me. I can’t imagine going to another school, having the friends I have today, or the knowledge I gained from my experience at Morgan State University.

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