I’m So Glad I Went To Morgan State

Morgan State University: Class of 2006

Blogtober Day 11 and it’s homecoming weekend for the National Treasure known as Morgan State University!

I could write a million-page book about my time and experience at Morgan State, and maybe someday I will.

Until then, check out a few pictures of the time I spent with some great people!

1700 E. Coldspring Lane
Baltimore, Maryland
My husband graduated in 2005. I graduated one year later in May 2006. We were both business marketing majors. He bothered me in class all the time lol.
My girls! Oh the stories we could tell…
National Council of Negro Women-MSU Section
National Council of Negro Women-MSU Section
MSU chapter of the American Marketing Society representing the school in Florida

Flashback of my now 8 year old lol
My favorite Morgan hoodie, but it belongs to my brother. I wish he would give it back lol

These pictures are a tiny glimpse of the wonderful years I spent at Morgan. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience with better people.

I’m so glad I went to Morgan State!

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