3 Lessons I’ve Learned About Life

From the moment you’re born, you are continually learning, whether you want to or not.

It’s not a choice, nobody asks you, you just immediately pick up on things and people around you.
As you grow older, you continue to learn and absorb things from the things, people, and experiences you have in your life.

This Blogtober post could easily be the longest blog post ever, but I’ve limited it to three life lessons I’ve learned.

No matter what, life goes on.

I’ve experienced my fair share of ups and downs in this thing here called life. From death, loss, gain, and everything else in between. What I’ve come to terms with is no matter what has happened, life continues. Because life continues, I have made a choice (big up to God) to continue growing with it. Sometimes I didn’t know how I could, but I did, I have, I am doing it. My most significant setback to date has been the loss of my mother, and honestly, I don’t know how I’ve been doing that for almost fifteen years. Well, that’s all God, too.
Just like I have to deal with setbacks and losses, I’ve learned how to deal with wins and successes. Yes, they’re great. I love them; you love them-they keep us going. I celebrate and enjoy those things, but I don’t live there or brag about it. I’m grateful for it, and I use my success to continue to grow as a person and to help and bless others.

It’s Rarely You People Are Mad At

Have you ever made a small mistake somewhere, and the person you’ve “wronged” completely loses it, and you’re left like ‘well, that escalated quickly.’ It could be at work, driving, with a friend-anywhere and you’re left mindblown at how something so small got blown out of proportion.
What I’ve learned is when those things happen, it’s rarely ever you the person is mad at.
People deal with a lot, even your closest friend, that you may never be privy to. For some reason, they may have built up anger at someone or something else in their lives. They may not have had the opportunity or the strength to face what’s really bothering them, and the small disagreement, misunderstanding, or mistake that they had with you becomes their time to let off all the steam they couldn’t release before.
I’ve learned to either walk away from those people or tell them directly-I didn’t do it, lets start over.

Routines Keep You Sane

This sounds so simple, but for me, this wasn’t a lesson I fully understand or developed until way I was well into my thirties. My mentor in my head, Eric Thomas, and other motivational speakers talk about this often-the importance of having a routine.
No matter what your profession or status in life is, as an adult, you have responsibility. It gets hard juggling those responsibilities and still taking the time to enjoy life.
Without a routine, you can quickly feel like you’re losing your mind-I’ve been there more times than I can count.
When I finally organized my life and created routines for home, work, and building my business, I regained some of my sanity (lol).
My routine ensures essential things get done and eliminates the excuses of not having enough time for things that are important to me. My routine isn’t as concise as I would like it, but it’s much better than the one I didn’t have before, and I’m all the more organized and productive for it.

Thanks for joining me for day 9 of Blogtober!
What are some important or helpful life lessons you’ve learned so far?

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