National Book Month

Another day in Blogtober, another day to talk about one of my first loves-books.

So apparently October is also the time we celebrate National Book Month! Again, no clue who makes these things up, but I’m not mad at them! 

From Book Month is held each October. The month-long celebration focuses on the importance of reading, writing and literature. National Book Month is also a time to honor the country’s best books and authors. In mid-October, the National Book Awards announces the year’s 15 finalists.

Back in August, we talked about National Book Lovers Day.

If you’ve read my blog or social media page long enough, then you know, besides writing, I love to read. As many of us have experienced in adulthood-life gets busy, and things are sacrificed. Unfortunately, at one point, my reading and writing outside of work were very much the sacrifices. But about a year ago, when I decided to get serious about my writing, I also got serious about my reading.

I’m a teacher, so reading for work was always a thing. But I began reading for pleasure, reading for inspiration, and reading to learn outside of my field. I’ve been asked how do you make time, and it’s simple. You make time for the things that are important to you. I want to be taken seriously as a writer, author, and woman in business-so I read.

I make time to read during lunch breaks or waiting in the pick-up line for my son after school. When my son does his 15-20 minute of independent reading time in the evening, I pick up my book or phone (shout out to ebooks) and read silently right beside him.

Even when I’m feeling less than productive, I pick up a book and tell myself that even if I didn’t get something done on my to-do list, at least I read. 

I’m enjoying it so far, so be on the lookout for a review in the coming weeks.

Here are a few ways you celebrate National Book Month:

  1. Commit to reading at least one book. Any book of your choice.
  2. Encourage the children in your life to read by reading to and with them.
  3. Visit your local library. Libraries are such an underutilized resource in the community. Besides the free books you get to check out for weeks at a time, they have programs and resources for both children and adults. 

Here is a list of my books I plan to read for the fall:

Chanee’s Fall Reading List

What books are you reading, or do you suggest I add to my future list?

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