Positive Attitude Month

In keeping with yesterday’s theme let’s roll right into day 5 of Blogtober by celebrating Positive Attitude Month.

(Who comes up with these national months? I’m not mad at them, just wondering…)

Anyway, nationalcalendarday.com says, “Positive Attitude Month is an annual designation observed in October. A positive attitude is the best trait you can carry with you, because it makes any difficult or frustrating situation a lot easier to deal with.”

I think we can all agree to this, although it can be difficult at times to remember to activate the positive. I think we can also agree that the way we see or approach a situation has a direct effect on the outcome.

Speaking from personal experience, the power of my attitude has shifted my mindset and the way I approach relationships with those around me, from my family down to my scholars.

Staying positive activates my faith and reminds me that everything will be okay and just overall makes you feel better. Focusing on the good in the world is hard, trust me I know this, but it’s better than wallowing in misery and complaining.

Don’t just take my word for it, scientist have studied this… 5 Scientific Studies that Prove the Power of Positive Thinking.

Starting today, shift your mindset. When something challenges you think about what you can learn from it. Surround yourself with positive people who lift you up and don’t allow you to stay stuck in a negative space. Watch how the things around you begin to change.

Hope you enjoyed day 5! Catch you tomorrow!

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