My Inspiration For Writing

I’ve considered myself a writer for at least twenty-eight years now. I’ve always enjoyed the idea of writing (by hand or typing, either will do just fine.) The inspiration began in school and through my love of reading- read all about it here.  

Writing comes naturally to me, but often at the most inopportune times. 

I started out being inspired by the type of books and television shows I enjoyed watching- mystery. As a little girl, I thought I would be the woman version of James Patterson (before I knew who James Patterson was.)  

As I got older, my style of writing changed. I began to find inspiration in what was going on in more places. I’m inspired by my life, the lives of friends and family, my favorite television shows, and current events- to name a few.  

I often get my best ideas while I’m driving and can’t stop to write. Thank God for the Voice Memo app, I press record and share out whatever idea, prompt, or thought that comes to mind. 

Fictional characters are inspired by what I see going on in the world and tailored to fit the personality of the character and theme of the story. 

All of my writing, fiction and nonfiction, are crafted to teach a lesson, inspire and empower my readers, or to make you think. 

I’ve also begun to dabble into poetry the past two years. While I’m sensitive and protective of all of my writing, I still hold my poetry close and have not shared it with a soul. (Maybe that’s a goal for another month.)

So basically my inspiration for writing comes from everything around me-things, people, conversations, other writers, the news, television, movies. If you’re interested in writing, even if only for your own pleasure, take a look at the world around you and just write. 

Thanks for joining me for day 3 of Blogtober!

5 thoughts on “My Inspiration For Writing

  • Crystal Woods

    Can I start off by saying that I love just saying the word “Blogtober” lol. Writing has never been my passion but I have learned to enjoy what it does for me. It clears my mind, allows for new info to enter, and it just makes me feel great after I’ve written about something. Thank you for always being a writer inspiration.

    • Wrong reply! Lol!
      I don’t what it is. You sit down to write and nothing. Do something when you can’t get to your paper or electronics and the ideas just flow. Lol!

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