October Goals

Welcome, October 1, 2019! It’s officially the fourth quarter, and I plan to end this year strong.

This time of year it’s easy to feel defeated and give up because the year is almost over and you may feel like you haven’t accomplished the things you said you would. The cold weather and major holidays can also play a factor in feelings of depression, loneliness, and as if you’ve wasted precious time, and feelings of it’s just too late.

That simply isn’t true.  

What I’ve learned about goals is they can be overwhelming. You start with all of this momentum and then become overwhelmed and give up. What works best for me is to outline my overall goals and then to break it down by quarter and break that quarter down by the month. So, I give you my October goals, mostly to hold myself accountable amongst my readers and supporters. 

Goals for October  

Participate in and complete Blogtober. So in my blogging research, I stumbled across what is known as Blogtober. Basically, as a blogger, you commit to publishing a blog post every day for the month of October. I had to set this goal to become more consistent in my blog post. So, the content calendar has been created, and I’m working on the graphics daily. You can look forward to seeing a blog post from me for the next 31 days.

Reveal the cover and release date for my debut book. Many have asked, and a few have heard about my project. It’s a real thing, and it’s coming in quarter four. I’m excited, nervous, scared, but I’m ready. In the next couple of weeks, you’ll learn more about my project, see the cover art, and have a release date!!!!!!!!!!

Complete the Believe 31-day bible plan via the bible app. This year I committed to reading and studying the Bible daily. This goal has been made easier via the bible app. I often read my daily scriptures on the app and can do so on the go. This month I’ve found a plan titled Believe that I will read each morning to start my day. The daily devotional and subsequent scripture are short but impactful enough for me to commit to reading in the morning before I start my day regardless of which of my four alarms I decide to respond to that day.

 Complete exercise challenges-squats and sit-ups. I’m not new to exercise and living a healthier life. This past year I’ve reached the biggest weight loss goal I’ve ever seen by losing 40lbs. What I have not done is complete any of the many exercise challenges I’ve stopped and started over the years. Cue my Pinterest search for at-home exercise, and I found a 30-day sit-up challenge and via JJ Smith online, I have a 30-day squat challenge. The beginning is always light and easy to stick to; it’s around day seven when things slow down for me. But not this time-I look forward to sharing my results with you at the end of the month. 

Take some time this week and decide what you want your quarter four to look like. It could be as simple as one to two goals. Then based on that goal(s) make a plan for October. 

As a writer and content creator and unofficial editor (thanks to my full-time gig as a 4th grade Language Arts teacher) let me know how I can help you reach your goals. 

See you tomorrow for day 2 of Blogtober. 

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