6th Annual Books & BBQ Recap

On Saturday, August 17, 2019, I had the opportunity and privilege to support and volunteer at the sixth annual Books & BBQ in Edmondson Village.

To describe the feeling in one word-AMAZING!

I was invited to attend and share some of my resources by Shelley of Shelley’s Helping Hands and the Our Children Need Their Dads Moment.

Now that I’ve attended my first Books & BBQ event, I plan to attend and support each one in the future.

So, what is Books & BBQ?

From Shelley Stephens:
On January 24, 1989, Mayor Kurt Schmoke unveiled “The City That Reads” as Baltimore’s new official slogan. We’re bringing That slogan Back!! FREE BooKs In Bbq Will Unite The Masses, Bring The Community TOGETHER, Squash Beefs, Inspire Kids & SAVE LIVES!! We’re raising a city full of Readers That Will Become LEADERS.

This event was everything described above and more. People in the community came together to read to children, give free haircuts, donate free food and services all to help support and encourage the young people of Baltimore.

I was a witness to the love spread and the positivity and good vibes given off by every organizer, participant, and volunteer.

Baltimore City has some genuinely amazing people and organizations. It’s easy to focus on the crime, and less fortunate conditions or you could join the solution like the beautiful people I got to meet and connect with at Books & BBQ.

Here are just a few pictures:

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