Music Moves Me

A little bit about me-I LOVE music. Like LOVE LOVE music. It is a part of my daily routine. It is my go-to no matter what I’m feeling, thinking, or going through.

I regularly choose soundtracks for the point of my life that I’m in. Genres I listen to include gospel, hip hop, and r&b. My husband and son’s music palette is a little more eclectic, and they sometimes add to my list-but those are my top three.

I also believe that the things our mind consume are just as important as the things our bodies’ consume-including music. Now don’t get me wrong I will still listen to my favorite rap albums, but these days I’m much more conscious of it.

So below I’ve listed a just a few songs I listen to that brighten my day, encourage me, and keep me motivated.

  1. It’s My Time- Kelly Price
  2. Go Get It-Mary Mary
  3. Just Fine-Mary J. Blige
  4. Appletree- Erykah Badu
  5. Nice- The Carters
  6. I Trust You- James Fortune, FIYA
  7. All Things Are Working- Fred Hammond, Radical for Christ
  8. Best Life- Cardi B ft. Chance the Rapper
  9. So Ambitious- Jay Z ft. Pharrell
  10. I’m The Best- Nicki Minaj

These are just a few from the playlist I listen to daily. What are some feel-good songs that empower you?

2 thoughts on “Music Moves Me

  • Crystal

    •I Am Blessed by The Clark Sisters
    •Jesus (live) by Leandria Johnson
    •Wide as the sky (live) by Isabel Davis
    •Deliver Me (My Exodus) by Donald Lawrence feat Leandria Johnson
    •Be Alright by Damon Little
    •Encourage Yourself by Donald Lawrence and the Tri City Singers
    •Something New by The Clark Sisters
    •Looking to Get There by The Clark Sisters
    •Blessed & Highly Favored by The Clark Sisters

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