My 3 Day Cleanse

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor, nutritionist, personal trainer, or any other medical professional. This is MY PERSONAL EXPERIENCE with a juice cleanse that worked for ME. Consult your doctor before beginning any new program/activity.

I recently lost weight and was looking for a way to sort of jump-start the next phase. I worked really hard during the school year, and when summer break began, I got kind of loosey-goosey with the eating. Luckily, I didn’t go too overboard and decided after a month to get back on track.

I had seen a few friends online post about a local juicing company and decided to follow them to get ideas. After seeing their content, menus, and options for a cleanse, I decided to reach out and ask a few questions. I originally sent a DM to the Pressed Baltimore account via Instagram. They answered the first few questions I had and asked for my email address to send me additional information. I asked a few more questions via email and was sold, so I placed an order for their 3 Day Juice Cleanse (While Still Consuming Food). I had a million questions, and I always received a helpful and informative response. I felt like a valued customer before any money was ever exchanged.
For questions about their plans, pricing, and information, please contact Pressed Baltimore directly as I am simply a satisfied customer and cannot speak on their behalf.

I let them know when I wanted to start my cleanse, and they told me they could have my juices delivered the day before. I was given tips on things to do before, during, and after the cleanse, how to store my juices, and foods to consume to get the benefits of the cleanse. (Contact Pressed Baltimore for Information).

Although opinions vary, during my cleanse, I opted to include animal protein. I chose the meat I consumed based on a list of suggestions from an article medically reviewed by a board-certified physician and speaking to my own physician. I did what worked best for ME. This is in no way a guide for you to follow, just my experience.

So here’s a summary of what happened during those three days.

Day 1- It actually wasn’t bad. I was sure to weigh myself first thing in the morning, so I could compare results once the cleanse was over. I consumed my three juices during various parts of the day and drank lots of water. I had juice 1 for breakfast, and my snack included almonds, an orange, and raw carrots. For lunch, I had bottle number 2. I was tempted to sneak a chip or two from my son, but I didn’t. For dinner, I had brown rice, broccoli, and shrimp with peppers and onions cooked in olive oil and a little sea salt and black pepper. My evening snack was juice number 3, and I walked around my neighborhood for about twenty minutes. Before going to bed I noticed a slight headache, but nothing too bad. Overall day one was a success, and I was ready for the next two days, or so I thought.

Day 2- I woke up with a headache — the night before I read a little about the effects of cleansing and wasn’t too concerned. For breakfast, I had drink one and two boiled egg whites and walked my neighborhood for twenty minutes. By 12 head was thumping and I was weak. I increased my water intake and laid down. For lunch, I had the leftover shrimp dish mentioned in day one. Although my head felt like a someone was beating me with a hammer and I felt weak, I did notice I wasn’t experiencing acid reflux symptoms and the back pain that I had been experiencing on and off the past few months. For dinner, I had a whole grain chicken wrap with lettuce and avocado and green tea sweetened with stevia that evening.
Eating food or drinking one of the juices did help with my headache, but after a while, it would be back. I spent most of the day in bed. I’ve read about sugar addiction and how hard it is to detox, but I didn’t expect it to affect me to that extent. But with support from my husband and friends, I survived day two without cheating.

Day 3- Such a better day. I had a slight headache in the morning but felt better after drinking juice 1 for the day. I also had a plum and walked the neighborhood for twenty minutes. For lunch, I had a salad with chicken, carrots, and black beans and used the juice from a lime as my dressing. For a snack, I had a peach and juice number 2. For dinner, I had chicken breast with peppers and onions and a side of asparagus. I finished the evening with my bottle number 3. I had a slight headache during the day, but it was manageable, and I didn’t feel weak.

In the end, I’m down 6.4lbs in three days, and I feel amazing. I’m only one day off the cleanse, but I ate healthy the entire day. I’m not craving any foods, and I have lots of energy. This morning that walk around the neighborhood went from twenty minutes to thirty minutes, and I don’t have the desire to eat sweets, bread, and all of those other things I’ve spent thirty-six years craving. I’m not saying I won’t indulge here and there, but for now, I’m going to continue exercising, drinking water, eat healthy foods, and focus on improving my overall health.

I’ve also decided to try this vegan thing one day a week for the month of August. A childhood friend of mine is doing it for six days out of the week this month, and I told her I’d join in my small way as I am not ready to go full out vegan, but I’m willing to try it and see how it goes.

I’m excited about this next journey into even healthier eating habits. I’ll be sure to check in and share along the way.

4 thoughts on “My 3 Day Cleanse

  • Teana

    Thanks for sharing. I tried the juices and loved the ones I have tried so far. I’m definitely going N.A. consult and try this of course changing according to whatever works for my body.

    • Thanks for taking the time to read my blog. This has definitely restarted my journey toward living a healthier lifestyle. Good luck on your journey. I’d love to hear how it’s going sometime.

  • Linnea

    Thank you for sharing! I was thinking about trying them out after talking to my Doc of course. So many of my Bmore friends are raving about it. This was an informative read!!

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