Year 2019-Just Saw The Lion King


I contemplated back and forth about putting a spoiler alert message at the beginning of this post. Only because according to my family, friends, and social media pals-I’m the only one in the universe who hasn’t seen The Lion King. But, I’m not judgmental like them (LOL) so I’ve inserted a spoiler alert for folks like me for whatever reason haven’t seen what has been described as a Disney classic.

As of publication I have seen both the original movie (shout out to FreeForm) and the new one with King Beyoncé, (LOL!)

First to answer the million-dollar question?-Why haven’t I seen Lion King before 2019?

Answer: I don’t know.

I haven’t seen a plethora of Disney movies, but now that they’re doing all these remakes, I know what I’ve been missing ( I just saw Aladdin for the first time with Will Smith and I probably won’t see The Little Mermaid until Halle Bailey graces the screen.)

According to my brother, I’m tripping. He says he’s not only seen it, but we had it on VHS growing up. Then my seven-year-old tells me HE has it on DVD. I don’t know what to say to you. It’s been right under my nose the whole time, and I guess I chose to ignore it. I also didn’t know how big of a deal it was until the remake and I started getting side-eyes from people who claim to love me.

But that’s beside the point. I’ve seen it now and understand why people consider it such a big deal — such a great story filled with lessons and great music. But you probably already know that.

I mean I thoroughly enjoyed the live-action remake and not just because of Beyoncé-if you can’t tell I am a card-carrying member of the SANE Beehive. The nonbullying chapter. The chapter that loves Beyoncé’s music and style. We don’t worship; we appreciate the art and the girl power. But I’m getting off track, back to The Lion King.

Now that I’ve officially seen the original film, I feel I can speak out. Being as though they’re the same movie, with the same message, and plot I’ll discuss what I took from it and the differences I saw between the original and live-action.

Let’s start with King Mufasa. First, I now see why everyone was adamant that James Earl Jones had to reprise his role as voice over for Mufasa. It wouldn’t have worked any other way — such a powerful voice with such an important message about how to be a true leader. I was sold from the beginning. I believed in Mufasa and his vision. I wanted him to win and to grow old and see Simba win. But then his life was cut short-just like that-and by his own family-his brother no less. My husband and son warned me, they said there would be death, but I wasn’t expecting it to be Mufasa and not so early on. I had to text my husband from the theater like wait a minute. I didn’t expect it. I didn’t know it was going to be this way. Why? How? He didn’t deserve it! And yet we see it all the time in real life. People can’t take the thought of you shining. Instead of working to be a part of the team and enhancing it so everyone can grow they want to be in charge. And being in charge is never enough. But you know the story, I don’t need to get deep into it. Apparently, everyone but me knew this story (insert eye-roll).

Simba. Sweet, young, charming, naïve, courageous Simba. He just wanted to be like his dad. Like many young people, he was just curious and full of life. He had no clue talking to his uncle and believing him, which we’re taught to do with our elders, would lead to such devastation.

Since seeing the live-action version, I can appreciate the original. I can’t go too deep into the differences because for me there weren’t that many.

Remember, I’ve only seen each version one time,

The original does invoke more emotion, though. The characters are animated so it’s funnier and the music is impressive.

All in all, I enjoyed both versions, and I get the hype.

Maybe I will go back and watch some other Disney classics. 😊

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