Affirmations To Speak Out Loud Daily

I believe in the power of speaking over your life and your situation.
One of my favorite bible verses is Proverbs 18:21.

Each day it is essential to not only set intentions but to speak over your life. Speak things as if they already are. I have gotten in the habit of writing out my affirmations and speaking them out loud to myself. This daily practice helps to shape your day or can help when you have a not so good one.

I start many of my affirmations with I am.

Here are a few general affirmations to look at yourself in the mirror and speak out loud every day.

  1. I am beautiful.
  2. I deserve happiness.
  3. I deserve love.
  4. I deserve respect.
  5. I am worthy.
  6. I am intelligent.
  7. I am a successful __.
  8. I am healthy.
  9. I am forgiven.

Make your affirmations more personal; add something specific about you or your desires. Drop a comment below about your affirmations, things that work for you, or how this practice has or will help shape your day and eventually your mindset.

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