This Is Us: The Experience

Let me start by telling you that I was not at the This Is Us Conference wearing my blogger hat. I was there to support and assist in ensuring the day went as smoothly as possible. It was such a phenomenal experience that I knew I just had to write about the beautiful day.

The flyer

Let me take you back. Last year I began volunteering with different organizations at least once a month. I had been following the This Is Us social media page, and when I saw the advertisement for the conference, I considered attending as a guest. A little while later I saw they needed people to volunteer for the entire day and I thought that would be my March service, so I reached out and volunteered my service.

Just a few of the beautiful women I worked with for the day.

Leading up to the event there was nothing but professionalism, organization, and sisterly love. Everything was on point from the communication to the layout and plan for the day.

The vibe and energy in the building were terrific from the time I arrived until the time I left. The ambiance, the attention to detail, the panelists, the vendors, the hosts, space, the volunteers-everything was so well thought out and put together-impeccable!

Sitting in the front checking in the amazing panelists, vendors, and guests was a sight to see. Nothing but beautiful brown women (and a few men) all their to show love, share knowledge, and support.

Every single person that came through the door brought their positive energy, good vibes, and expectations for a grand time. There was a building full of black women getting along, networking, and wishing each other-all love, all genuine.

I got to meet and connect with some awesome folks and meet a few of my social media friends in person. It was amazing.

A few of the panelists.

In between my duties, I had a chance to sit back and take in a few tidbits from the panelist and the knowledge and gems shared was worth it all. Business owners and people alike took time out of a Saturday, to join and share and get along and to be. Be in the moment, be there with our sister friends, make connections over good food, drinks, shopping, and networking.

What an experience! Oh and not to mention this was the inaugural conference. The very first one and it went off effortlessly without a hitch!

Thank you Linneal, Nikia, and NoVella. Class Acts.

4 thoughts on “This Is Us: The Experience

  • And we couldn’t have done it without you all!! Such an A-MAZ-ING group of volunteers that saw our vision and executed flawlessly. I walked around to each table to ask about the conference: food, panels, vendors, etc. and not one complaint. Thank you soooooo much!!!

  • Crystal

    The “This is Us” event looks and sounds like a wonderful event. I could almost feel the amazement in your letter. Let’s talk about how much of an inspiration you are. Volunteering once a month? That is brilliant! Thank you for continuing to share your story and being the marvelous writer you are :).

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