Oh How I Love To-Do List

To-do list; one of my favorite things to write.

So by now you know I’m a writer. I love to write. Everything from novels, short stories, poems, and to-do list. The highest form of and most writing I complete being a to-do list.

It is just something about writing something out either in my own handwriting or typed up in a pretty format. If I can write it up, take action, and scratch it off, it’s a high like no other-for-me at least. Especially because in the not so distant past, I was best friends and tied entirely down with the evil known as procrastination.

Creating to-do list not only feed my love to write but it “speaks” into existence the things I want to do whether it’s a goal or some errands I need to attend to. If I write it out, I’m much more likely to get it done.

I’ve recently got into the habit of planning each quarter of the year, but if you’re not there yet, you can start small with a weekly to-do list. Based on what you want to accomplish for the week will then guide your daily goals. If you’re anything like me, you’ll love the visual and holding yourself accountable by checking off the things you said you would.

Don’t you just love how writing is a part of everyday life, even for the non-writers?

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