Advice For Young Black Women

The other day I saw a question in one of the Facebook groups I follow.

When I saw it I immediately responded with some advice that I would tell one of my young sisters. I then sent it to a group of my good girlfriends to get their thoughts.

I’m one of the those blessed women who has a tribe of beautiful and successful sister friends who hype each other in all that we do. My girls are intelligent and they keep it real. Based on the conversations we’ve had with each other and the different things we’ve experienced, collectively and individually, over the years I knew they would have some sound advice.

The advice we’re sharing can be applied across the board to women of all ages, ethnicities, and economic groups, but today we’re speaking directly to you our young beautiful black and brown sisters.

“You don’t have to settle for a thing. Not a job, a relationship-nothing! Learn, love, laugh, explore, and travel. But put away at least $100 (or more if you can) per paycheck. The world is yours.” -Chanee’ Robinson 

“Take time to discover your own interests. Learn to LOVE yourself.”Regina 

“Don’t be afraid to be alone. Use that time to focus on yourself. Write in your journal. Write down your goals. When writing your goals don’t put anyone else in there. That way you are not relying on someone else to complete your goals. Spend time creating a better you.” -Rita

“Write a letter to your nine year old and sixteen year old self. Do Courtney Sanders of Think and Grow Chick’s “No Excuses Woman” program. Attend a home buyer’s education course. Do community service for something you love. Be YOU!”Crystal

“Enjoy your twenties. Put God first. It’s the best time to make mistakes because mistakes are simply lessons. Know your worth and love yourself, I mean your whole self, flaws and all so that no one can exploit them. Set boundaries in relationships, both personal and professional. Always go after what you want.”Tiara 

Feel free to add your own advice in the comment section. Contact me directly to have your advice added to next month’s list.

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