Dear Black People: Stop Judging, Start Loving

This post is specifically for my people. My beautiful, melanated, intelligent people. There are far too many outside influences trying to bring us down. Let’s not continue to tear each other down because of different views and beliefs on certain topics.

The other day some of us celebrated Resurrection Sunday or simply, Easter. And like every other event, holiday and thing that goes on in the world you had your social media judges ready.

Some people didn’t like the amount of money people spent on baskets, outfits, and tennis shoes for their own children and family. It was as if what someone else spent affected them in anyway. They couldn’t just enjoy the beautiful pictures of all of those beautiful babies.

This was also another opportunity for the ever so woke folks who don’t believe in Jesus Christ to remind you that the story is fiction and you’re crazy for believing.

And my dear Christian family, you’re really no better. Judging folks for packing out the church on Easter and holidays only, instead of loving and accepting people where they are and for who they are.

How about we just take what you believe and accept each other?

Whether you pray to your God, Jesus, Allah, Ancestors, or a tree, how about we just vowel to love, respect, and support each other?

Trust me, this can be done. I have friends who believe in different things and we learn and have discussions with each other, there’s no judging. We actually can have open dialogue about what we think, believe, and coexist just fine with the common goal of making the world a better place.

How about we all just come together to make the world better, strengthen our communities, educate these babies, support our own businesses?  Why do we let our own personal egos get in the way? Believing that what we think we know is superior?  It has to be ego, right? Because none of us REALLY know if what we believe is the way. As long as you’re not hurting anyone and are actively trying to help make the world a little better should really be our only concern.

All of the judging has to be tiring and most certainly has to be counterproductive. Even if you just can’t accept someone’s differences, what’s the point of continuing to speak on it and make negative comments? That’s not going to convert anyone and only serves to divide US even more.

In these time it’s important for US to come together,  love, support, accept and work together. There are enough outside influences, laws, and policies working against US. We shouldn’t be the ones tearing each other down and making it easier for others.


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