So what they don’t support you? Now what?

I had to learn and come to the realization that everybody you thought was going to support you will not and that’s okay!

I know it hurts. I know it’s disappointing. I know this. I get this. I’ve lived this. And I’ve come to a point where I am okay with it.

There could be a plethora of reasons your family and friends aren’t supporting you. Some reasons legit, some not so legit.

Maybe they’re jealous or intimidated by your potential and/or success. They heard you talking about your dream and could have possibly told you how proud and supportive of you they were. Then when you launched you didn’t get the reaction you desired. This can be painful, but it’s okay. Most times it’s more of a reflection of them than you. They haven’t yet found the courage to work on their dreams and can’t believe you found it in you to do it. You can’t focus on that, continue soaring.

Maybe they just don’t like or believe in your product. It can happen. But that’s okay. Keep pushing. Cater to your target audience and do what’s best for your business. If others are buying and supporting that’s who you concern yourself with.

Maybe your product or service is great for who needs it. Maybe your family member or friend just don’t have the use for it. Again, that is okay. It’s their money and/or time to spend how they wish. You can’t win them all.

Maybe they love you and what you’re offering, but they’re experiencing financial difficulties and are a bit embarrassed to share that information. Money can be a touchy subject for many people. Some people are comfortable discussing it and instead of telling you they’re going through hard times, maybe they just fell back until they could afford what you’re worth.

I say, If it matters to you that much and you’re that close, simply ask them! The genuine ones will be open and
honest with you.

Whatever the reason, you can’t focus on that. Keep pushing. Keep working. Remember those who do support you. Focus on them. They’re who matters. That’s who’s important. The more you focus on your support system and stay consistent, you’ll continue to win.


  • So true. It’s important not to be judgmental of the people who say no. We don’t know their reasons. They may support us in other ways. Referrals, babysitting, or encouragement are all means of support. Some people won’t truly appreciate the work and passion you have. I try to remember not to burn any bridges because someone didn’t meet my expectations of them.

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