You Should Just Go For It

This past weekend I took the opportunity to attend a networking event hosted by Lamore Lifestyle PR.

During this event I had the opportunity to hear, speak to, meet and connect with phenomenal business owners and authors. I received valuable marketing and business tools, but the advice and encouragement from the entire room are what stuck with me the most.

During the question and answer portion, guests were asked to share who they are and describe their business since 90% of attendees were entrepreneurs. When it was my turn I shared how I wasn’t an entrepreneur yet and how I have all of these amazing ideas, proposals, and projects all stored on my laptop. The outpouring of support that followed was invaluable.

I was reminded that the time would never be “right” and to just go for it. I was told that my story and any story that was inside of me needs to be heard. There I was surrounded by these beautiful, successful, black people telling me that I can do it, that I should just go for it. I got to speak one on one and exchange information with several people in the room that evening.

That night I came home and began the work that I’ve been starting and stopping, putting off and letting go. I set deadlines for the goals I will reach over the next two years. The fear and doubt that has been holding me back were left on the table in that room.

All it took was for me to attend this event- which I almost didn’t go to because as time got closer I thought I shouldn’t attend because I don’t have a business, product, or service, so I shouldn’t be there. I decided to go anyway, I decided to be open, honest, and transparent. Because I just went for it, I was able to get many of the things I needed right in that room.

I hope from this message you are inspired to just go for it. No matter what the people around you think or say, whether you think it’s time or not. If God put something inside of you and it just won’t go away-do it. Don’t wait for the right timing, don’t ask for permission-just go for it.

We were put here to be amazing, to do amazing things, to live our best lives. If we continue to let doubt, fears, and opinions of others get in our way, we’ll forever be stuck. Over the past few weeks I’ve been speaking to and met some wonderful people in all types of business and I’ve received the same message-just go for it! And that’s what I intend to do.

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