Nine Things That Make Me Smile

Hey folks! It’s Monday and I hope everyone’s week is starting off on a great note. In a world full of hate I want to be a ray of love, light, and hope on my small part of the web.

To bring a little sunshine to my friends and readers who may be experiencing a dreary day outside or possibly within I decided to share a list of things that make me smile or lift my spirits.

Hopefully it makes you smile! 😃

  1. Reading Books. I absolutely love reading. Since kindergarten I was an exceptional reader, often getting praised for my fluency at such a young age. My grandmother will still tell you about the poem I read that shocked everyone from teachers to administrators at good ole Mary E. Rodman Elementary School #204. Although I was a good reader I didn’t really enjoy it. I just did it because I was supposed to. I would check out library books weekly based on the cover, let it collect dust for a week or two, and return it. Until 4th grade! That’s when I discovered I LOVED mystery and suspense and I’ve been reading it ever since. As I’ve grown older I’ve expanded my love of different genres but mystery/suspense still remains my all time FAV.
  2. Old TV Shows. I absolutely love black television shows from the seventies til present day. And let me stop right here and shout out TVOne for playing my favorites all the time, which include Living Single, A Different World, Good Times, and The Cosby Show (go on ahead with your judgmental side eye). These are just a few favorites and are guaranteed to make me laugh as if I’m seeing it for the first time. Shows not currently shown on TVOne that I still love and watch on other networks include: Martin, Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Family Matters, King of Queens…wait I think I watch too much TV.
  3. My Favorite Music. Like my television choices my music pleasure is stuck in the past. I just can’t get with this new stuff. Except Cardi B. I like Cardi B. And Jay-Z, all of the Jay-Z. Anyway, listening to my favorite r&b and hiphop from the nineties and early two thousands give me so much joy and much needed inspiration. But when I attempt to listen to these new artists I just get irritated, upset even. Like is this how my mother felt when she would yell at me for blasting Little Kim’s Hardcore out of my room as a thirteen year old? But anyway, my friends will tell you I equate most memories with the music that was out during that time. Music just genuinely makes me happy.
  4. Writing. This should have probably been number one, hence this blog. But it is my favorite number, number four, so maybe it is in the right place. Either way, writing is one of the things that gives me absolute peace and joy. More than music, which can transform my mood-writing helps me work through my issues, be creative, and let go of all inhibitions. No matter what my mood is, writing has always been my way of showing expression and as I get older it just keeps getting better and my goals more clear. Anything from writing a to-do list, action plan, blog post, journal response, working on my book (yes, I’ve finally narrowed down what my first book will be and I can’t wait for the right time to share it). Writing has been my one constant and something I will enjoy forever. Even if writing isn’t your thing, if you’re down writing out a list of your blessings will be sure to brighten your day and most times you’ll discover your blessings outweigh your current problem(s).
  5. Family Time With My Love Bugs. My love bugs include my husband and son, who I affectionately refer to as My Dannys. I refer to them that way because I think it’s cute but mostly because I’m possessive and well they’re mine. That can sometimes embarrass the bigger of the Dannys, especially that time our realtor brought up how all of my emails included My Danny. In my defense I thought the name I chose only appeared in my account, I didn’t know the recipients of my emails could see parts of my possessive nature in our correspondence. Luckily, he loves me enough to deal with my foolishness. The little Danny is slowly learning how possessive Mommy is and is learning to cope in his own way. Anyway, family time with them is always the best and sure to turn a bad day good.
  6. Taking A Walk. Not only does this make me feel better, but it’s good for me too. It’s nothing like putting on my favorite tunes, drowning the world out and just walking. Preferably outside, but a treadmill will do. Walking gets your body and mind going and has a way of making things become more in perspective.
  7. Arts and Craft. I am a teacher. I love all things colorful, big, and glittery. I absolutely adore creating crafts. Everything from drawing, coloring, painting whether it’s with my son, my students, creating a vision board, or participating in a paint and sip. Something about the getting the creative juices flowing that just relaxes me and makes my heart smile.
  8. Ratchet Reality Television. I do not need your judgment but, yes I partake in most of VH1’s current and old line ups including all of the trying to find love shows (Flava Flav and Ray J come to mind), all of the Love and Hip Hop franchises, and even the more mature yet still ratchet women of the Basketball Wives series. These shows are pure comedy to me and guaranteed to make me laugh with their constant foolishness each week.
  9. Seeing People Win. Nothing makes me more happy than to see the people in my life, real life and social media friends, winning. If you got that new job, a healthy relationship, started your own business, bought a new house, received a certificate, or went shopping and it just made you happy-I’m here for it all. If you’re happy, I’m happy for you. Sometimes it’s hard to share stuff with others because you don’t want the judgment, the ridicule, or negative vibes that come from the miserable people. But I love to see people sharing what makes them happy and accomplishing what they set out to accomplish, no matter how big or small.

“Use your smile to change the world, don’t let the world change your smile.” -Author Unknown



One thought on “Nine Things That Make Me Smile

  • Wow we are kindred spirits your list in identical to mine except my possessions are call Honey’s (hubby & our son his mini me) and I love to cook so that would be my #10🤣🤣…I absolutely love this blog…I read Malaaka’s book based off your recommendation…she is a childhood acquaintance and I had no idea some of things she went through..It was enlightening and inspiring…So that’s for the recommendation 😃

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