Jewel Tankard: Women, Wealth, and the Millionairess Mindset


 “Success means you get an opportunity to walk in the love of God.”- Dr. Jewel Tankard

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to meet and chat with Dr. Jewel Tankard, best known as Mama Jewel from the hit Bravo television show, Thicker Than Water.

During the conversation it was apparent to see Jewel’s love and admiration for her husband, the award winning, Ben Tankard, the love and joy she has for the success of her children, and her passion for helping women break the mindset on money and making money decisions. She empowers women to understand how money works, how money moves, and how to be a player in the game of money to build generational wealth.

On Girls Take Wall Street


“Wall Street is the largest financial institution in the world. If we can find our place there, in a white male dominated arena, black women will find their self in that space and understand we belong there. That’s where the wealth strategies are.”

Dr. Tankard’s teachings come from Wall Street and include trading foreign currency and innovative wealth strategic financial products that many people don’t know about.

“Girls Take Wall Street is designed to help the common man make uncommon money.”

During their time at Wall Street, August 3rd-5th,  fifty women will tour the  American Museum of Finance, participate in a boat tour, visit the Statue of Liberty and learn about its’ history including how it was originally a black woman, and study other currencies. They will enjoy dinner on Wall Street at Capital Grille and open up discussion about money and how it moves and works.

She says it’s more than about entrepreneurship it’s about understanding money.

“Most entrepreneurs don’t become wealthy. Most entrepreneurs are just working high end job because you still have to work to make money.”

Dr. Tankard and a team of other successful women will be teaching how to make your money work.

On Women, Business, Marriage, and Finances


Dr. Tankard comes from four generations of entrepreneurs. In her words, they were blessed. Her  parents were entrepreneurs and made millions and they understood business, but never became investors. They lived a great life but lost everything when Dr. Tankard was 19. She was confused and didn’t understand how you could live a life a luxury and just lose it all.

When she asked her  mom what happened she was shocked at the response. Her mother had left all of the decisions to her husband, Dr. Tankard’s father. Every response was  ‘well your father thought this and did that.’  Dr. Tankard wondered ‘well what were you thinking?’

“So many women when they get married they turn their brain in. Here’s my brain you think for me but it’s dangerous-even if your husband is amazing. Ben is brilliant but so am I.”

She has seen many women married for years-one day it was over and they didn’t know what to do financially.

“Partners respect each other’s decision to invest or make money with what works for them, but they don’t need each other’s approval. You can be one and be close but respect the God in each other. Women have a hard time finding individuality in marriage.”

This is a call to educate women to trust your financial gut.


On Millionairess Club 


Millionairess Club was started for the everyday girl. She says financial education is about more than sitting down with a financial adviser every two years. Dr. Tankard says advisers focus on old rules of money-cds and bonds, mutual funds and annuity because on average they pay out 4-8% a year. Inflation is 11% per year. Warren Buffet said “if you’re not making 20% on whatever investment you make per year you will never become wealthy.”  Those are long term products. It takes 20-30 years- what can we do for cash flow NOW?

Membership in the Millionairess Club is $29 per month and includes  trading foreign currency and two live webinars per month. Membership also  includes other successful women who talk about building empires and balancing successful business with family life; these are high net worth women sharing their stories.

“God told me it would be the largest subscription, automated, girls wealth building club ever.”

When she was building she didn’t know what she needed. The club originally started as a local book club. One of her team members thought to create welcome cards and to call the women Millionare. For example, if I was to join a meeting my card would say Millionaire Chanee’. This excited the women and at each meeting they would look forward to their card declaring their millionaire status. She then found an intern to work on graphics and to focus on marketing and building an online way for women to connect. From there more women began joining but not many would stay engaged so she created a whole welcoming and retention committee.

To date the Millionaiess Club has taken on a life of it’s own with women from all over the world joining and participating.

On Entrepreneurship

“Starting as an entrepreneur you’re not going to have all of the steps.”

She says as an entrepreneur and business woman she’s still learning and still trusting her gut for what does and doesn’t feel right, and still making mistakes.

“Most entrepreneurs start off as hustlers and I’m going get it; but you don’t want to stay getting it. Eventually  you want to say to others-you handle this part, you do this part.”

She says there’s no formula to be a successful. To be a wealthy entrepreneur you start with making the decision that you want to be wealthy and then make partnerships.

Dr. Tankard’s parents never had partners; just them. She says it was cool but wasn’t complete.

To become successful she’s found a partner in every industry that she wants to dominate.

“As an entrepreneur you start building from your gut and go from there.”

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