What’s This Chapter In Your Life Called?

What’s this chapter in your life called? 

I’ve seen this question floating around social media for the last couple of weeks and honestly paid it no mind. The more I saw it the more I started thinking-what would I call this chapter? What am I doing? Where have I been?  Most importantly, where am I going? 

To label this chapter I had to honestly reflect on those three questions and face some truths within myself and my surroundings. 

What am I doing? 

Honestly, I’m trying to figure things out. I pretty much know my strengths and areas of opportunity. I’m a natural teacher, I’m outgoing, yet shy, writer, beauty industry enthusiast, reader, wife, mother sister, and friend. I’m getting over this procrastination disease that has plagued me for years. I’m facing my fears and not letting negative Nancy’s and naysayers deter me. I am living my life and doing things I’ve put off for entirely too long. 

Where have I been? 

Whew! I’ve been up, the down. High, then low again. I’ve loss close family members to death, friends due to betrayal,  and missed opportunities because I was scared. I’ve also accomplished many things and I am proud of the person I am when I look in the mirror. 

Where am I going? 

No where but to the top baby! I’ve always known God had a purpose for my life and I’ve always known I was destined for greatness. I’ve been given many talents, dreams, and visions and I’m making those visions a reality. 

This chapter is called: Up Next 



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