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If you ask entrepreneur Chyrome DeVaughn to describe his business he states “My business is an online business catering to people with diabetes. On our website we allow people battling diabetes or who want to just live a healthier lifestyle to access sugar-free snacks.”

After speaking with him about his purpose and goals it is apparent there is so much more. Mr. DeVaughn has a dream for himself, his family, friends, and the community as a whole.

just us aboutThe idea for Just For Us came about nineteen years ago when Mr. DeVaughn was diagnosed with diabetes. While in the hospital he felt like he was taken care of and had help with eating healthy, once discharged he felt loss. He didn’t have anyone to prepare his meals and he didn’t know what to buy-he often wondered why there wasn’t a store specifically designed for people like him. He then decided he would provide that need.

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When asked how he manages working a “regular” job, entrepreneurship, and family, Mr. DeVaughn says it’s a difficult task but can be done. “It’s all about the bigger picture. My wife understands. I took a different shift at my job to be able to focus more on my business. Me and my wife have an understanding-she is my backbone. She gives me ideas, she helps with the website. As a family we have a common bond and a common goal and we work together to achieve it.”

Launching this business has not only been a blessing to Mr. DeVaughn and his family, but he feels it has had a positive impact on his friends and community. “The impact on other people has been a blessing. Even if I wasn’t successful, just seeing how I’ve helped other people change their mindset and get focused is a blessing.”

His advice for new and aspiring entrepreneurs is to stay focused. He shares that he had to give up procrastination and get things done. He creates his list of things that must be done, doesn’t make excuses, and gets it done. “It sounds so cliche’ but it’s true that if I can do you can do it. Things are going to wear you down but you have to take things in stride. Be prepared. Every business owner goes through some type of situation, but it’s not what you go through, it’s about how you get through it.”

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Although the store has begun as an online option, Mr. DeVaughn has plans to grow and expand. He feels he has found his purpose and is excited about his future and his next move.

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